Our approach

Everything we do is client led, we are dedicated to finding the truth. Every case we have ever done is different. All examiners are members of the American Polygraph and British Polygraph Society. The chief examiner is recognised as one of the best in the UK today. The equipment we use is the very latest and the techniques we use afford us the best accuracy rates in the industry today. Contact us today and find out why we have such a high client satisfaction rate. We are not an agency or a faceless corporation, we have our own offices and always quote a fixed price with no hidden extras for our services.

Our Mission

We strive to be the best in our industry through training and career advancement, we use the latest equipment and have a good reputation for finding the truth. We are client lead and will only take on a case when we know polygraph is right for the situation, having spoken to the potential client first. Our pricing is transparent and fixed with no surprises. We always look to offer same week appointments as understand the urgency in many of our cases.